Market Research & Strategy Services

Xcellerate offers a full range of market research and business strategy services to help you clearly define your target markets, create personalised messaging and connect with you target audience. Our services include:

  • Hypothesis testing - we can help you validate your hypothesis by getting your ideas in front of real customers, gathering feedback, finding patterns and ideas from the data collected and suggest new hypothesis for testing.

  • Market segmentation - zoom in on your perfect market segment. Whether you're seeking the optimal point of entry or looking for new adjacent markets we can help you quickly qualify the optimal place to start.

  • Message personalisation - using data driven insights we create variants on your message dependant on the targeted persona, this ensures they have the highest level of impact. 

  • Feedback loops - capture and understand what customers really need to ensure that what you are building is relevant at all stages, and stay on track with more efficient focus with your development budget.

  • Customer surveys - capture customer sentiment accurately and in real time to help build community, maintain a high NPS (net promoter score) and increase the overall positivity towards your company. 

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